I love Oreo cookies! Over the years, they have come out with some great flavors, but their best invention was the Double Stuffed ones!

And, with Easter coming, of course they have to break out the Peeps Oreos. These sound so good. I haven't had them yet, but how could they not be good?

According to the USA Today, the latest cream flavor to come out of something called "the Oreo Wonder Vault" apparently has quite an unusual side effect.

Two weeks ago, Oreo released a limited edition of its cookie with a vanilla shell and a filling flavored like the love-it-or-hate-it marshmallow candy Peeps. One reviewer claims the filling is the same one used in the Marshmallow Crispy Oreos, but with one major difference: It's bright pink and appears to turn your mouth - and subsequently your poop bright pink!

One Twitter user tweeted: "My spit looks like Pepto-Bismol" hours after eating the cookies! Another said, "My roommate ate a whole pack of Oreo Peeps and left a pink stain in the toilet." While Oreo has yet to comment, USA Today previously reported that stuffing your face with foods heavy in dyes can produce "a greater spectrum in your rectal rainbow."

Is it worth it? I say yes! Enjoy!

[via: USA Today]

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