Online dating is something that I'm sure we are all familiar with, whether having tried it ourselves or knowing someone who has. It may not have the greatest of reputations, but Brit.Co is saying that those dating myths about online dating are really nothing more than that.

Myth: online dating is why men won't commit anymore. Reality: more online daters have been in committed, long term relationships than those who have dated offline.

Myth: commitment is hard with so many choices. Reality: sure, with apps like Tinder that give you so many profiles to swipe left or right on, there is still a significant percentage of people who only date offline that struggle with the "too many options" excuse when it comes to commitment.

I'm sure that you can name at least one couple that met on Tinder or any other online dating website. I can name a few! So forget the stigmas because you could really just be hurting yourself and hindering your chances at find love. Good luck!

(via Brit.Co)

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