When it comes to being successful, maybe it's not all about that one great, big idea. Bustle says that there are odd habits that those who are super successful seem to have in common.

  • They have a daily uniform so as not to fuss with what to wear from day-to-day. Without having to worry about something like clothes, they can focus on bigger things during the day.
  • They eat the same thing for breakfast in the morning which follows the same idea as the first one. Consuming something that gives you enough energy to work during the day, but not worrying about it because it's always the same.
  • They act as if they've already achieved their goals also known as the classic "fake it 'til you make it". It may seem arrogant, but it very well could help things move along in your life.

People who are successful are goal-oriented, and have their priorities in order. What you wear, or what you eat for breakfast, aren't the priorities when there is a company to be built or an invention waiting to be fine-tuned.

(via Bustle)

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