When I see couples who have been together for years and years, I always wonder what their secret is to marital success. Bustle, and relationship therapist Cyndi Darnell, say that long-lasting couples do the following things together.

  • Travel together as both partners in the relationship work hard to maintain their busy life (house, family, careers) so they also relax together and unwind on vacations together as opposed to going on trips separately. Getting away should not mean getting away from your partner.
  • Hold hands is a way to show affection that can mean so much for such a simple gesture. Successful couples still hold hands in the grocery store, while going out on a walk together, during a movie, wherever it might be.
  • Choose each other because you always have a choice not to be with your partner anymore. As strange as that might sound, you may have chosen them on your wedding day or on the day they asked you out, but you have to continue to choose them every day. Continuing to make that decision to choose your partner is what successful couples do.

Those who will last continue to do things together no matter what those things are. When your partner is the person you continually want to take on vacations with or to the movies with, that is when you have a successful relationship.

(via Bustle)

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