Your parents or siblings might think that they know you pretty well, but there are some things that nobody knows better about yourself than you do. Bustle says that while others may know you well, certain things about yourself only you can detect.

  • Who you jive with and if you get a bad vibe from someone it may be hard to explain to other people why that is. You know how you feel though, and if you don't want to date someone or be around them for one reason or another, don't let someone else try to change your mind.
  • How you deserve to be treated especially when it comes to dating. If someone hurts your feelings, the worst thing that they can do is tell you that what they did was not actually hurtful. No one is allowed to tell you how to feel.
  • What you should eat because they don't always know how you react to certain foods like you know that you do. If you are morally against eating meat like I am, then someone shouldn't sneak bacon onto your sandwich because they think it's funny.

Whatever it is that someone is trying to tell you about yourself, you know who you are better than they do, and don't let someone else try to tell you how to feel or act (unless it's illegal, don't do anything illegal).

(via Bustle)

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