Although many of the restrictions placed on us at the start of the coronavirus pandemic have begun to loosen and the world around us is slowly opening back up, there are still some guidelines in place when it comes to group gatherings. Also, some people just aren't ready to have big parties like they once did.

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A beautiful thing happened when the coronavirus pandemic slammed into our world and that is that people had to think outside of their normal ways to find creative and sweet alternatives to letting special people know what they mean. And so, the celebration drive-by parade was born.

From drive-by baby shower parades to graduation drive-by parades to birthday parades, retirement parades, and even parades for no reason other than knowing someone is having a tough go at life and needs to know they are loved, drive-by parades have become something really neat for all involved. And, we can't forget about the parades that have been held to honor our essential workers and our first responders and to honor the lives of those lost as they head to their final resting place.

There's something special about a community coming together to honor one of our own for any reason, big or small, with a show of solidarity through a drive-by parade and we just love being invited to be part of them.

Whether you know about an upcoming drive-by parade or are organizing one for some special, we'd love to know about it and be there if our schedule allows, so definitely let us know!

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