Two more regional March St. Patrick's parades have fallen to the pandemic for 2021. The Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade Facebook page announced earlier this month that they held out as long as they could, but with the pandemic, the tough decision was made to cancel for 2021.

Yesterday (January 31st), the WNEP website reported that the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade will not happen in March for 2021 as it traditionally occurs. This yearly parade has been described in the past as one of the largest St. Patrick's parades in the country.

But, the good news according to WNEP, the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade organizers have announced that the parade will not be canceled, just postponed to later this year.

The date for the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade will be held Saturday September 18th. That's great news since last year's parade was cancelled due to the pandemic.

And the biggest and most fun parade to travel the streets of Downtown Binghamton has also been canceled. A news story from the Binghamton Home Page WBGH/WIVT webpage last week reported that the parade committee president made the call to cancel the annual Hibernians St. Patrick's parade in Binghamton.

The parade is traditionally held on the first Saturday of March each year, and fortunately it went on as planned in 2020 just before the pandemic hit full force. It's sad that we won't get to be driving Court to Main Streets, waving to all those smiling faces.

We will look forward to March 5th 2022 for the annual St. Patrick's Binghamton parade. We really need it.

via Syracuse St. Patrick's ParadeWNEP, Binghamton Home Page WBGH/WIVT

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