Governor Cuomo has signed off on a bill to raise the smoking age to 21.

In a few months, it will be illegal to smoke under the age of 21. According to a CBS 6 report, Governor Cuomo signed the bill today making the new smoking age official. The new smoking age will take effect in 120 days. CBS 6 says the law will not only apply to tobacco based products, but also to e-cigarettes.

This is one of those laws I am a little mixed on. Ultimately, I don't think we need more laws to protect us from bad choices that will only hurt ourselves. There are a lot of stupid things we can do everyday that can cause us harm - life is ultimately about making wise choices to have a long and healthy existence.

But on the other hand, with sky high healthcare costs - maybe in the long run folks being a little older and wiser before deciding to smoke can actually save you and I money in the long run (If t hey decide to live by the law). Let's face it,a healthier population in the long run you would assume would take pressure of our healthcare premiums, right?

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