I know we have all been there...at a work meeting we try to do anything we can to not yawn.

I don't yawn at work meetings, I just outright fall asleep. But, all kidding aside, when I am at the gym I yawn a lot. And, I feel it helps me get a deep breath to work out better.

According to a new study, scientists have found that trying to stifle a yawn is a losing battle.

According to Eurekalert.org, trying to stifle a yawn by keeping your mouth tightly shut will only make you want to do it more.

Scientists made the discovery after showing 36 adults clips of yawning to study the copycat effect. They say yawning, like coughing and urinating, is something you feel driven to do more when you know you can't or shouldn't.

"Humans, dogs and chimps all suffer from contagious yawning, making them more likely to do it after someone else does."

I remember watching Olympian Speed Skater Apolo Anton Ohno compete, and he was always yawning. But, I now realize it was for energy and breathing.


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