Relationships are tricky things, but there are some things you should just know not to ask of your partner. Cosmopolitan came up with a list of what to never ask and ask of your partner in a relationship.

  • To overlook angry outbursts because that is a sign of a much bigger issue. If your partner is going into fits of rage and asking you to pretend they never happened, then you need to take a step back from them and reconsider the relationship.
  • To vote for their choice of political candidate because that essentially means that your opinions don't matter as much as theirs do. Politics are hard, especially on relationships if both people cannot agree, so maybe keep those conversations to yourself and vote for whomever you prefer.
  • To talk about past relationships if you don't want to, however if you want to then please, go right ahead. A partner should never make you disclose all your past love history, but if you want to then please, proceed.
  • To give them your phone because that is a violation of your privacy. Everyone is entitled to some sense of privacy, so even if you're being suspected of cheating, you still have a right to some privacy, just be truthful to your partner. A relationship thrives in the truth, so don't lie or do anything else that you shouldn't be doing.

Some things partners should just have an understanding on. Respect one another, trust one another and love one another.

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