Getting a job nowadays can be very difficult! So some of us try to beef up our resume, make it creative and different in hopes we stand out and get the job!! But some of us stand out a little TOO much hahah!

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Making that critical first impression can be difficult when only 2 in 5 (43%) of Human Resource Managers said they spend less than a minute looking at a resume and nearly 1 in 4 spend less than 30 seconds!! One thing very important to NEVER do on a resume is lie... and of course, more than 3 in 4 HR managers have caught a lie on a resume...

A recent survey using 2,100 full-time US Hiring and Human Resource Managers concluded the craziest, most outlandish resume lines. Below are just a few!

Craziest things HR managers have seen on people's resumes:

  1. An applicant's name was autocorrected from "Flin" to "Flintstone"... his name was Freddie.
  2. An applicant stated they had great attention to detail, but "attention" was misspelled.
  3. An applicant claimed they worked at a federal prison. A background check determined he was actually incarcerated at the prison during that time.
  4. An applicant used direct quotes from Star Wars in their resume.
  5. An applicant wrote the following at the end of their resume: "I didn't really fill this out, someone did it for me."
  6. An applicant listed smoking under hobbies.

Good luck with all future job endeavors & hope this helped out a little. :)

[ VIA: PRNews ]

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