Have you ever been on a safari at Great Adventure?? There are a ton of exotic animals, and some of them have had to go on a journey to get there.

In Zimbabwe, the killing of elephants by the government was common from about 1965-1989. In 1984, an American millionaire decided to try and save as many of these elephants as he could, and brought close to 100 of them to his ranch in Florida.

However, he abandoned his mission after a few years, and the elephants were sent to live in poor conditions at circuses or sold to other millionaires around the world. Joyce, a 600-pound one year old calf, was one of these elephants who then went to work at a circus for almost 18 years.

After being sold and moved around the country a few more times, Joyce now lives at Six Flags Great Adventure. She reportedly loves her new handler, and is happier than ever in her new herd.

If you visit Six Flags, you might even see Joyce paint with her trunk, which her handlers say is one of her favorite things to do!

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