Okay, time to go out this weekend.  You want to look your best.  So, thinking about getting your hair done.  Well, here are 11 red flags that you might be getting a bad hair-cut.

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MSN Lifestyle.com asked the top hairdressers in NYC and here is what they found, so you can find the best in Buffalo.

1)  If there isn't a lot of information on the website, that's a bad sign.

"It's virtual as well as physical," he said. "The first thing to do is check out the virtual window and social media of stylists in the salon. I use this myself a lot - social media has become our portfolio now ... Check it out, look at where you're going."

2. They discount their services

Said one top stylist

"In most respectable salons we charge accordingly to the service we are delivering, within reason,"

3. They don't respond to negative feedback.  Said one Hair salon manager,

 if we do something wrong or something in your experience doesn't live up to expectation, I want to do everything in my power to change that ... if it's an action of my team member or something didn't flow with an appointment, it's something I can actively change.


4. The receptionist doesn't ask questions when you book

"If you're a new client going to a salon and you're phoning up and they're just booking you in with the first person they mention, that's a massive red flag for me. What I want to know is: Did they ask how I look after my hair? Did they ask how often I get my hair done? Did they ask if I want high maintenance or low maintenance? Did they ask if I want to whisper, scream, or shout my end results? They're all clues telling me about the client."

5. Your stylist doesn't give you a consultation

."It's in this time we create rapport and fully comprehend what the client wants," she said. "We have a variety of experience extending different techniques we adapt to each client differently.

6.  You don't get a scalp massage.  This is a biggie for me.  You too?  All of the stylists and managers interviewed agreed a massage was a must.

For the full list click here, and go forward with awesome hair!

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