On Thursday (June 20), Ariana Grande announced 19 new dates on her Sweetener world tour. U.S.-based Arianators were thrilled to see all the dates were domestic. International fans, however, were not pleased.

"I just can't understand why she's literally doing 4-5 shows in a STATE instead of going to other countries," one fan tweeted. "It really makes no sense to me."

Ari, being the goddess that she is, responded to the disgruntled fan and explained her reasoning thoughtfully and respectfully. "the truth is: european leg is going to be a big step," she wrote. "i’m really excited about it and grateful to do it! but since you’re asking, this is simply the best i’m capable of at this time and keeping me closer to home for a majority of the dates is what’s best for my health rn. love u!"

Though some fans were upset, others were more than understanding. "we love you much baby we understand and we’re so proud of you for even adding on extra dates," one happy Arianator wrote.

"thank u ! i’m very excited about them tbh," the pop star responded. "doing the best i can do for right now and so grateful for my health and for this chapter and for my fans for supporting and understanding the pace i’m moving at. soooo grateful for u. thank u."

Ariana already has 30 shows planned in the UK and Europe, including dates in London, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, and Amsterdam. She'll also be returning to Manchester, which will be emotional. Two years ago, 22 people died during an attack at her show. Though she's shown her strength time and time again, the 25-year-old recently revealed scans showing the "terrifying" levels of PTSD in her brain, so the fact that she'll be on the road for nine months this year is an impressive feat.

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