Whenever I read studies like this, I kick myself for not doing better in school. I could have been part of this groundbreaking study and drank for free for the experiment.

According to the Daily Mail, a bunch of scientists got together to finally get to the bottom of why the funnest night for guys always involves drinking a case of beer.

I'm not quite sure that we needed to take scientists away from real issues of the world for this. I think anyone with an education higher than 8th grade might have been able to figure it out.

Instead of taking scientists away from real issues facing us, like figuring out how to make broccoli taste like pizza, we made them do this study.

But, anyways, the conclusion does make sense. A new study out of the University of Pittsburgh found that men NEED alcohol to have a good time hanging out . . . but women don't.

The main reason?  Men are too embarrassed to show emotions . . . even happiness.  But after they've been drinking, they smile more, they're less inhibited . . . and they have a better time and feel closer to their friends.

Women don't need alcohol to show emotions, so they can have fun and bond without it.

[via: Daily Mail]

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