My children are always ordering Domino's pizza delivery. One day they came to my house four times, yes four times in ONE day! Often kids come and go at my house so when they get hungry they just order a pizza. So the story made me decide that I will never say no when they want to get pizzas delivered.

Mike Vargas who lives in California ordered pizza and wings from Domino's. Once the food got there he grabbed a slice and put the rest in the fridge and took off to head to work. He noticed he received several calls on his cell phone at work but he was too busy to pay much attention. So when he got home he was hungry he took out his pizza and wings. And instead of finding chicken in the box he found $1300 in cash!

Turns out those missed phone calls is actually the delivery guy calling him because he had been on his way to the bank to make a deposit and Mike was his last delivery before going to the bank. So Mike ended up heading down to the pizza shop on Monday to drop off the cash. The general manager told Mike that honest people are very hard to find these days and as a thank you they gave him free pizza for a year!


Soruce: Consumerist