I will gladly take $100,000 (and hopefully all the free tacos I can get).

I'm usually impressed with Taco Bell late night on a Friday or Saturday, after hitting the drive-through on Wolf Road.  But to be honest, this most recent news article I caught is pretty impressive as well.

According to News 10 abc, Taco Bell is trying to restructure some things to retain workers.  That means that in certain regions, they are going to be offering store managers a competitive salary which could reach six figures.  Right now, it looks like general managers for Taco Bell stores make between $50,000 to $80,000 according to News 10 abc, so the bump up to $100,000 is a significant difference. There's also mention of Taco Bell creating more intermediate roles to give employees more leadership that don't necessarily want to work as managers.

I am all about supporting employees and hard workers, and it's never a bad thing when companies look at how to do that.  The changes are going to be tested at some locations in the Northeast (hopefully around the area, I'm not sure).  You can read more about it here.


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