The one thing that stinks about cars is that we have to take the mechanic's word. We have to trust him or her that they are not trying to scam us when they tell us we need something for our vehicle.

Sadly, we ALL have stories in our lifetime of a mechanic taking advantage of us for the almighty dollar.

The automotive experts on Men's Health panel nominated the following three dubious jobs as common ways men are suckered out of cash. Be wary of the shop it the mechanics insist on:

  • Replacing brake rotors -- squealing breaks mean you need new pads, not rotors. Bad rotors will be grooved or warped. Ask to see them before you decide to replace.
  • Installing new shock absorbers -- shocks should last 30,000 miles. If you push down on every corner of the car and it bounces just once or twice, you're good.
  • Hiding removed parts -- Ask to see the parts that were removed. Good shops routinely produce them. If the parts are gone, you may have been had. (Men's Health)

Do you have any tips you would like to add so someone doesn't get scammed?

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