There are certain things Pixar fans are known to do. They love to hunt down the company’s Easter eggs, like A113 and the Pizza Planet truck. They frequently weep at children’s films. They tend to look down their noses at kids films from other companies. And they compulsively rank all of the studio’s movies.

In honor of time-honored tradition, which now dates back decades this Pixar fan humbly presents his deeply personal (and yet, somehow, 100 percent objectively correct) ranking of all those movies. Compared with some of the other franchises, universes, or genres I’ve ranked, this was an absolute pleasure. (Okay, maybe not an absolute pleasure; there was still the small matter of Cars 2.) Still, it could be — and has been — so much worse.

Is Pixar in decline? This has been a topic of conversation for almost as long as the company itself has been releasing imaginative feature films. Although the studio had an incredible string of bold hits in its early days, pretty much every new film for the last 15 years has been greated with some skepticism and hand-wringing, along with complaints that they don’t make ’em like they used to. But looking over this list of films, you see that in the 2010s an ’20s, Pixar has still released a bunch of great movies, if not the absolute best in their history. Then again, as my list shows, a couple of their recent efforts can stand right alongside their historic favorites.

Without further ado, here’s every Pixar film ranked from worst to best.

Every Pixar Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

We ranked every single Pixar feature to date, from Toy Story to today. Which is the best?

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