It appears we all like to complain...this coffee isn't hot enough, why is the person in front of me driving so slow, how come my computer needs to update NOW?

You get the idea...none of these things mean the END OF THE WORLD, but all the same it makes us feel better to complain about them.

Here are a few more favorites:

1.  A spotty internet connection.

2.  Calls from unknown numbers or telemarketers.

3.  Forgetting a password.

4.  Your phone battery dying.

5.  When your computer needs to "update" too often.

6.  Having a hard time finding the end on a roll of tape.

7.  Not having enough leg room in a car, or on a flight.

YouTube ads with no "skip" button just missed the list...and my personal favorites  tangled headphones, and people responding to a question with..."whatever".

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