If you have big dreams but are a little low on cash these days, would nearly $1 billion help? The possibilities are endless for someone who picks the correct numbers in the next two large jackpot drawings in New York State.

Nobody got the Powerball draw correct on Wednesday and now the Saturday jackpot will be $454 million and the cash payout is $232.6 million. Need a little more than that? Nobody got the correct numbers for the
Mega Millions draw this past Tuesday

If you were not gifted with the ability to become a professional athlete, Hollywood celebrity or part of a rich family, this may be the way you become the next millionaire! How will you spend it? Who will you give some money to? I feel like everyone tells their friends or family they would give them at least a million or two. Heck, maybe even 5 million for your best buddy?

Congratulations to Kathy from Hamburg, NY who is our most recent "Cash Cow" winner. She took home $100 just for listening and adding a code on the WYRK app! The contest is still underway and there is still time for you to try to win the $30,000 grand prize!

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