People go nuts over crab legs, especially when they are on all you can eat buffets.

I've seen it myself at the Country Buffet at Tioga Downs where people will come up with two plates and fill them sky high just so they can get enough of that awesome seafood.

I found this story on CBS 19 (WHNT) and used it as a Strange But True story this morning. A woman named Chiquita Jenkins was at a buffet in Huntsville Alabama last week. She was waiting for them to bring out more crab legs. Another person named John Chapman was also waiting for the crab legs to be refilled.

Well after about a 10-minute wait, the staff brought out another tray of crab legs. The two of them got into an argument over who was next in line. It quickly escalated into a sword fight using the tongs from the buffet. They eventually knocked over a stack of plates before an off-duty policeman who was also enjoying crab legs at the restaurant broke up the fight.

Now, I hate when people cut line, but I probably would have let this one slide if it was me, as long as they brought out enough crab legs for me too. Of course, I would have said something sarcastic first like, "you look like you can use the crab legs more than me, by all means, just go ahead of me". Maybe that is what happened and maybe that's what started the fight.

According to CBS 19, Chiquita was charged with assault because they determined she was the one that started the fight. John was charged with disorderly conduct.

I said on the air this morning that it reminded me of a place called Medieval Times. It's a dinner theater that has locations in a couple of cities across the United States, including Myrtle Beach.

We have a timeshare in Myrtle Beach and have been to Medieval Times on a couple of trips. You sit at tables in an arena and watch as actors on horseback joust with each other.

I'm sure the people that witnessed John and Chiquita didn't think they were going to be treated to a free jousting show.

[via WHNT]

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