It's not the traditional love triangle that you see on Jerry Springer that causes a free-for-all on stage, but the modern day love triangle could be hurting your relationship.

He, she AND a tablet. 74% of us find it totally acceptable to reach for that computer tablet immediately after getting it on, while only 13 percent say they wait until their partner is asleep. That's the finding of an international survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Logitech of 2,000 single adults ages 18 and older in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

If this study doesn't surprise you then most likely it is already happening in your bedroom. Here are some more statistics from the study:

  • 93 percent use their tablet in bed.
  • 48 percent of single women and 25 percent of single men would rather enjoy the morning after a date with their tablet than with last night's date.
  • 43 percent admit they would be equally upset if they broke their tablet or their relationship with their lover ended.
  • 21 percent say they have damaged their tablet or smartphone while having sex

Is the modern day love triangle hurting your relationship?

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