I don't smoke, so I can't really say anything but I am not totally surprised by the fact that Facebook is now more addicting than smoking.

It doesn't matter where I am. If I see someone on my phone, 8 times out of 10 they are looking at Facebook. And, it doesn't matter what age or gender the person is either.

At this point it's like 3% good for keeping in touch with long lost friends and 97% infuriating political posts.

According to The Sun, Facebook can be JUST as addictive as cigarettes or chocolate.  The researchers even found that just seeing the Facebook logo could set off, quote, "spontaneous pleasure cravings" in people's brains.

And of course, like any addiction, overdoing it on Facebook can be bad for you . . . especially when your virtual social life keeps you from having a real one.  So if you're hooked on social media, they STRONGLY advise trying to scale back.

This is one of those studies where I like to say, "No kidding!"

[via: The Sun]

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