Could dishonesty about your finances be more detrimental to your relationship than cheating? Bustle makes an argument for it because survey says that honesty about finances is more important to about one-third of people in relationships than fidelity is.

Of the people surveyed, ten percent admitted to having a secret credit card or bank account that their partner did not know about. 37 percent said that they withhold information about what they spend their money on,. such as for clothes, electronics or entertainment purchases.

Money is a big relationship stressor for many people. Twenty percent of people said that they argued with their spouse or partner about money on a regular basis. To avoid, or cut down on, this kind of arguing, there are some things that couples can do.

  • Get on the same page with each other about your finances. If you can't agree on how to spend money or save money, then it's never going to get easier.
  • Come clean about your spending, and if you have a bank account that your partner doesn't know about, fess up and try to be more transparent about your spending.
  • See a financial advisor who can help set-up a budget for the two of you. They can also help to mediate any arguments that occur because of your finances.

Honesty is always the best policy, and if your partner thinks that cheating is worse than financial dishonesty, maybe you need to come clean and work through your issues together for the sake of the relationship.

(via Bustle)

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