Are you wanting to improve your relationship? According to the Huffington Post, one way you could help to improve your relationship is to use your cell phone less. Hmm...

Here are four other ways that simply putting down yourself phone could actually improve your relationship.

  1. When you're constantly on your phone it makes somebody feel not important. So put your phone down and it will make the person you're with feel more appreciated and it didn't even cost you a penny to do that.
  2. "Things get lost in translation" and they also get lost in text messages. You can't hear somebody's tone in a text message like you can an actual conversation. So talking instead of texting could stop flights before they even start.
  3. You'll have a better work/life balance. If you're constantly checking your work email at home you obviously are not giving the person that you're with attention. Plus let's face it we all get emails from work that could put us in a bad mood.
  4. And your love life could improve in the bedroom. Leaving phones out of the bedroom will leave more opportunities for other things...hint hint!

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