You know you love him but there is a tiny doubt if he is really the one. It it love? Or, is it just the idea of not being alone. I know it can be very confusing. And, how do you really know. I always say that we will know in the end if we made the right decision in life.

Now, instead of going crazy trying to figure it out all you have to do is take this simple quiz.

Take the quiz. If you can answer "Yes" to seven or more, he's definitely marriage material!

  1. Does he make you laugh?
  2. Is he mechanically inclined?
  3. Has he gotten over being a mama's boy?
  4. Is he nice to his mother?
  5. Does he have a life independent of yours?
  6. Can he remain romantic?
  7. Will he buy you tampons?
  8. Can he admit he's wrong?
  9. Does he compliment you in front of others?
  10. Will he (fast) dance with you?

How did you do? Is it time to walk down the isle or out the door?

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