Having someone to share your life with is a wonderful thing, but what if that person is miles and miles away? With the advent of social media, web forums and dating sites, it’s become much easier to find someone that shares your interests and perhaps wishes to be with you, but can that relationship last when they can’t be by your side?

If you ask me, it can work just as well as any other coupling. I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend for over a year and a half, and so far, I’d say that this one won’t be ending any time soon. But, you may ask, how can we remain close with hundreds of miles between us?

Simple. We talk, we text, we keep tabs on one another and communicate daily like any other couple. Since we cannot have a more physical relationship, most of our time comes down to sharing about each other, learning more about the person we love and sharing what interests we can online. Sure, we have plans to one day live in the same place, but until then we make do with what we have. Thanks to chat services such as Skype and Discord, we never have to feel as if we’re alone; we’re merely a text or call away from each other anywhere we have service.

Now, you may be thinking “but between only being able to talk and having to plan trips to be able to hold each other must be hard!” I won’t lie, it is. But, anyone who has been in a great relationship can tell you that you’ll always have to work for your love. Being part of a couple is taxing, takes a lot out of you and requires a lot of sacrifice of your expectations, but you’ll get back everything you put in tenfold.

This isn’t something for everyone, I will admit. However, if you’re willing to put up with the issues of it, willing to make do with what you have, and truly have feelings for the person on the other end; long distance is as worth it as any other love.

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