Unless I'm expecting a return call, if I get a call on my cell phone and it's not from one of my contacts, I usually let it go through to voicemail. I do that to avoid robocalls.

Remember sitting down at dinner and having the home phone ring, only to find out it was a telemarketer? Well, with technology there are even more of these calls being made and they are calling your cell phone. Which, if you don't have unlimited calling, can chew up a lot of your minutes if you decide to answer them. Robocalls are phone calls that are made using a computer either by telemarketers or scam artists. It seems like more of the robocalls I'm receiving are coming from the 607 area code.

According to a report I saw on the New York Times website, the Federal Communications Commission said customers receive an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls per month. I usually get a couple a month and that's annoying enough. The New York Times suggested ways to limit the robocalls you receive. They suggested that you list your phones on the National Do Not Call Registry. But, if someone's calling in from overseas, there's a good chance that won't stop them. There are also apps out there to try and block these calls for you. Some of these apps include; Robokiller, Truecaller, and Mr. Number. The New York Times article also warned to be careful of what you say if you do answer the phone and it is a telemarketer. They quoted Ryan Kalember, senior vice president of cybersecurity strategy at Proofpoint, which is a cybersecurity company in California. He said if a telemarketer asks "can you can hear me'? You should reply with "I can hear you'. Don't say the word "yes". If the caller asks can you hear me and the customer answers yes, there's a chance they can use that against you later to authorize fraudulent phone charges.

Or, you can always get an air horn and when they call, just blast the horn into the phone. That should stop that person from calling back.

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