LUMA, America's premiere projection arts festival, is just days away and downtown Binghamton is about to transform into a whole different world.

LUMA is America's premiere projection arts festival.

According to the festival's website:

Using powerful projectors and 3D animation, we create the illusion that enormous structures are transforming as if by magic. City hall turns into a gingerbread house. The courthouse becomes Stonehenge. The light overpowers the surface and the effect seems real. But more than just spectacle, LUMA is dedicated to the fine art of storytelling through projection mapping.

The three-day event lasts from September 7-9 does not operate with just a few people. They need an influx of volunteers to make this amazing event successful.

Organizers need "Street Level Volunteers" to help LUMA run smoothly. Volunteers will be assigned a variety of tasks from setting up this week, manning information tents, parking, and running secondary sites.

If you would like to volunteer AND score a free t-shirt while you're at it, check out LUMA's volunteer forms here.

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