When you first start dating someone, how often do you think that you should see them? Once a week? Five times a week? Bustle explains that seeing someone new too often may have relationship-crashing consequences. Once a week is safe for the first month, and increasing the frequency after that is usually a safe bet. Otherwise, there are some things that could happen that you may not want to happen.

  • You can bond too quickly which can form the illusion of dependence and intimacy and that can hurt the relationship when it's just starting out.
  • You get into a commitment that you may not really want, but everything is happening too quickly before you can realize that you're not ready.
  • You get a warped view of the person that you're seeing so you may not really know who you're falling for and once you actually realize who it is that you're dating, it's been a few months and breaking up is suddenly so much harder to do.

It's definitely hard to strike a good balance of how often to see the person you're dating when you're just starting out, but once you do, you'll appreciate getting to know this new person in a slow and meaningful way.

(via Bustle)

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