Even if you're young, you can still feel nostalgic of eras that have gone by, whether it be the swinging music of the 1950's or the disco fever of the 1970's, that feeling of longing is a common sensation for many of us. Bustle says that being nostalgic can actually change our brains!

  • It combines memory and your reward system meaning that when you think of a happy memory, your brain then rewards you with those positive sensations that make you feel happy and giddy.
  • It warms you up as a study found that people are more nostalgic in colder months and your brain interprets that and actually sends out signals to warm you up. People who think about colder weather memories have reported feeling warmer and more comfortable.
  • It blocks negative emotions because nostalgia helps people from feeling guilty or shame when they've committed past crimes or dealt with tricky problems, but allowed them to still get those happy and giddy sensations.

So whether or not you long for the days of yesterday, or you recall old Halloween party memories and "forget" about the time you made a fool out of yourself, nostalgia can be pretty complex and pretty neat.

(via Bustle)

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