I am so sorry to do this, but since I can't un-read something then I am going to be a baby and ruin birthday cake for you as well.

Unless, you don't care about bacteria from someone else's mouth then this is going to sound very gross to you. I think deep down we already knew this, but if you are like me then you chose to just block it out.

If you have ever watched someone blow out the candles from a birthday cake, you had to be thinking that there is no way they are not getting their germs on the cake.

Well, science has come to tell you that you are right. According to The Atlantic, when someone blows out the candles on a birthday cake, it increases the amount of bacteria on the cake by an average of 1,500%.  And in some cases, the amount of bacteria can increase 14,000%. WHAT?!

I do have a little good news in this whole thing. Researchers say that the chances of you getting sick are still pretty low. But, it doesn't help that your cake still tastes like old Doritos.

I'm sorry to do this to you.

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