Sometimes we scratch our heads trying to figure out a clever way to keep him interested. Well, no more scratching is needed. Here are some good ways to do it.

These good tips come from They see a lot and hopefully it helps you get and keep that man of your dreams.

  1. Have a life -- He'll see that you're someone with stuff going on, and he'll wonder what you're up to now.
  2. Call the shots -- Invite him to do something outside-the-box with you.
  3. Stir his senses -- Wear a subtle and alluring scent. When he hugs you close, he'll be drawing you in with every breath he takes. When you part, a little hint of you will linger on his collar, invoking the essence of you in his mind all day long.
  4. Wear sexy underwear -- Even if you keep all your clothes on, a pair of lacy boy-cuts under your jeans will make you feel hot.
  5. Feed the fire -- Let him know you think he's sexy. Brush lightly against his shoulder as you walk by him, tell him you like those pants he's wearing, give him "the look" as your parting glance.
  6. Kiss to impress -- With an unforgettable kiss like that, you'll be guaranteed to hold his interest.
  7. Stay in touch -- Shoot him an e-mail or a quick phone call to say hello and let him know he is on your mind.

Good luck with that whole happily ever after dream!



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