Voicemail can be a very handy tool, but not all voicemail is good. The other day I got a voicemail from someone who left their phone number so fast I couldn't understand it.

So, it made me think about some of the most annoying voicemails I have ever gotten. How about when someone leaves you a 10 minute voicemail with their number at the end. BUT, don't you dare miss the number because then you have to listen to the whole voicemail again.

There is a website called, and they listed the top 10 most annoying kinds of voicemail that people leave. These are very funny but true. Check them out:

The Marathon Message
The extremely long voicemail that never ends.

The Death March
Leaving a phone number at the end of a long voicemail. If you missed it, you now have to listen through the entire message just to get the phone number.

The Screaming Eagle
The voicemail left in a noisy bar or as a fire truck is passing by.

The Drunken Dispatch
The classic drunk-dial voicemail.

Voicemail Interrupted
As the person is leaving the voicemail, they stop in the middle to have a conversation with someone else or answer another call before they return to finish the message.

The Misguided Message
A person or telemarketer leaves a message for you that was actually intended for someone else.

Voicemail Incognito
The anonymous voicemail, where the caller assumes you can identify their voice.

The Dehydrated Dispatch
Any voicemail left by someone with a bad hangover.

One Way Wonder
When the person thinks they are speaking to you when they are actually talking to your voicemail.

The Pocket Dialer
The person that accidentally calls you because the phone is in their pocket or purse and isn't key-locked, leading to an endless soundtrack of them walking down the street, driving, or having a conversation with someone else.

Don't be one of these message leavers.

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