Since Emojis are our main form of communication these days, I thought it was important to let you know about some new ones coming out next year.

And, maybe you knew this but I didn't...there is actually a group that regulates emojis and picks what will make the official set. The Unicode Consortium is that group. What they pick goes out to Apple, Google, Twitter, and the rest to add to your phone.  And they just announced their final candidates for next year.

According to Unicode, here are some that are on the list for next year. They haven't been picked yet, so there is no guarantee you will see them next year, but here are some of the suggestions.

1.  Smiley face with superhero cape.

2.  The poop but with a SAD FACE.

3.  Animals including a kangaroo, llama, peacock, hippo, and lobster.

4.  Foods like a mango, sliced bagel, and cupcake.

5.  A skateboard.

6.  A brick wall.

7.  A teddy bear.

8.  And a roll of toilet paper.

[via: Unicode]

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