Most men are guilty of making one or more of these fashion mistakes. The good news is that it won't cost much to correct.

According to Lloyd Boston, who is the author of "Make Over Your Man: The Woman's Guide To Dressing Any Man in Her Life", his fashion mistakes are usually small things that, once corrected, make a well-dressed man out of a man who simply gets dressed. Here are some examples:

Overstuffed wallet
"This is the biggest mistake most men make. Often men store items they don't really need to carry around every day. Less is more."

"Many men clutter up their appearance with a fancy suit, a flashy belt and snappy shoes, but it's often the clean, simple guy in the room -- with crisp white shirt and a basic solid tie -- who gets all the attention."

Wearing unkempt shoes
"Shoes can make or break an outfit, but often they're the last thing men think of. Men should choose the best shoe they can afford and take care of them by shining them regularly and storing them on shoe trees."

Wearing items attached to clothing
"Cell phones and other accessories detract from a great outfit. Beepers, knives, pens in our shirt pockets and key chains tend to give men lumps and bumps all over. Remember, less is more.

Wearing everything tucked and belted
"Notice that stylish men who appear on the red carpet often wear their clothes more loosely. It doesn't look sloppy; it has a quiet elegance. It's a sort of James Bond meets Denzel Washington look."

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