My boyfriend, Rob, and I have been together for over 5 years, and I like to think that not only are we going to get married, but that he is my soulmate. Everyone has a different idea of what/who a soulmate is. For me, a soulmate isn't someone you are simply destined to be with, but someone who understands you, supports you, makes you a better person, and inevitably who you're with forever!

Jackie Nutt and her boyfriend
Jackie Nutt

Below are some unromantic signs you've found your soulmate!

1. You have fun doing super boring stuff together, like grocery shopping or doing your taxes.

2. Your favorite versions of each other are sweatpants, your favorite ratty old t-shirts, and no prep time.

3. You treasure their casual handwritten notes and cards more than the most expensive thing they’ve ever given you.

4. It doesn’t gross you out when they have the flu or get sick in some way, because you’re just focused on taking care of them.

5. You’ll never betray each other by watching an episode of ‘your show’ on your own. Bingewatching of this particularly series must be done together, and you both plan to stick to it.

6. They make you laugh in extremely serious and inappropriate situations.

7. You’d rather spend a super lame day with them than go on an over-the-top date with anybody else.

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