If you have an upcoming flight on Frontier Airlines, you probably got a notification tonight indicating that one of your flights had been canceled. The airline confirmed that these messages were erroneously sent to passengers on Thursday (November 21).

After hours of concern from passengers across the country, Frontier Airlines confirmed that those messages were false. We're just days away from the Thanksgiving travel holiday, so of course, many passengers were freaked out by these messages.

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In fact, just after 8:30 pm, I received an email from Frontier Airlines telling me that changes had been made to an upcoming itinerary (a trip that I leave for in early December).

"Frontier Airlines has recently made a change that affects a portion of your itinerary," the email read in part. "Please contact Frontier Airlines to speak with an agent about your accommodation options." The email went on to include a "rebooking hotline" phone number, which was 801-401-9005.

I traveled enough in a past career to know that such a notice typically means an airline has changed its flight schedules, and your flight had been canceled.

So I called that phone number, but it was immediately busy. I also tried to access the airline's website to view my reservation on FlyFrontier.com. The website was giving me an error message at the time. Upon searching Twitter, however, I had some comfort when I realized I may not be the only customer experiencing such an issue.

After frustrating customers for several hours, however, the Airline took to their social media accounts to quell the concerns of passengers saying their flights had not been canceled.

"A technical problem generated an email to some customers stating their upcoming flight was cancelled. This email was sent in error. We sincerely apologize," the airline wrote on Twitter and Facebook later in the evening.

They went on to tell passengers that they would be able to confirm the details of their trip by entering your confirmation number on the airline's website.

We reached out to Frontier Airlines for more details, and they apologized to customers for tonight's error.

"We are investigating the cause and are communicating this error with our customers who can confirm their trip by entering their confirmation number on our website," an airline spokesperson told us via email Thursday evening.

Frontier Airlines offers service in and out of both the Philadelphia and the Trenton Mecer airports in our area.

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