A New Jersey police officer, Matthew O’Hanlon, adopted a young pitbull that he and his fellow officers rescued earlier this month. O’Hanlon, an officer at Mount Laurel Police Department, found the pitbull wandering around an industrial area. The pup had no identification and a wound on his head, so O’Hanlon brought him to a local animal shelter for treatment.

O’Hanlon told ABC 7, “When we typically find a dog, they usually have a tag on them or a chip. We can take them to the local animal hospital and have the owner found pretty fast.”

There was no microchip found on the injured dog and no one claimed him, so O’Hanlon decided to adopt the puppy. According to People, he said he and his fiancée were already in search of a pitbull puppy, so it seemed like destiny.

“My fiancée and I are big Marvel fans,” he said, revealing he named the puppy Thor. “We thought based on him being injured and everything, the name fit.”

O’Hanlon said taking home Thor was a feeling like no other. He is hoping that his story will help remove a stigma around pitbulls being aggressive gods.

“They’re the most loving, affectionate dogs,” he said to GMA. “It’s [unfortunate] to see them get bad reputations when it’s really the way they’re raised.”

With a story as sweet and gentle as this one, it is not hard to imagine how spoiled this little pup will be.


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