Bar Anticipation in Belmar, New Jersey is all about bringing the fun, and this Halloween, they have an exciting party event you’re going to want to check out.

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Not only will it be a fun time with music, drinks, and partying, you can walk away with some major cash. Of course, everyone thinks they have the best Halloween costume every year but are your costume-making skills good enough for this cash prize?


At their event this year, you can win $500 for having the best costume, so if you’re looking to check this event out, you’re going to want to start prepping now.

Bar A puts on its annual Halloween party every year and it always looks like a good time. I love love love Halloween and have been stalking local bar’s calendars to plan out my “Halloweekend” and make sure that I have the best possible plan, and this party is on my radar.

If you’ve never been to Bar Anticipation, the best way to describe it is a jungle gym for adults. There are a bunch of different areas with live music, some with DJ’s some with dance floors and some with tables.

They really hit every sort of vibe at this bar, so going there for Halloween will for sure be the best. DJ Mike Nice is hosting it this year and it’s expected to be a good one.

Bar A’s annual Halloween party is going down on Saturday, October 29th starting at 9. You can get all the details right now at 

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