Not everyone looks forward to the holidays. With them can come the stress of seeing family and all that comes with them. Bustle has some advice for how you can navigate the holidays and your family.

  • Stay as neutral as possible when it comes to conversations or discussions that you don't want to involve yourself in. Try to remain calm even if someone in your family is trying to rile you up.
  • Be compassionate because while you can't control anyone else's behavior, you can control yours, so try be kind no matter hard it may seem to be.
  • Set your boundaries because if a family member criticizes you or puts you down in any way, you shouldn't have to just take it. Defend yourself, but try not to start an argument in the process.

The holidays are not always jolly, and that's okay! Take some time for you before or after these more stressful events and find some way to make the holidays a little bit brighter.

(via Bustle)

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