Road trips, weekend trips, and driving to the beach or lake are all an integral part of the upcoming summer season. You get in your car, grab the right snack, and make sure you have the best playlist you can create.

Then it's time to fuel up.

You reach into your pocket for your debit card, and your heart sinks. It seems like all that money you earned is being eaten by your car. Sorry to say it may not get any better.

According to the Oil Price Information Service this summer travel and gas season will be the most expensive we've seen in five years.

The average price for a gallon of gas is hovering around $2.81 nationally compared to $2.39 just over a year ago.

Around 13% of gas stations across the United States are already charging $3.00 or more for a gallon of gas.

Experts from the Oil Price Information Service say that the blame lies on increasing prices of crude oil.

According to the Energy Information Administration we can expect the 2018 average price to be around $2.76 per gallon.This means we'll spend an additional $190 per household this year on gas compared to the previous year.

My suggestion: go on a road trip with a bunch of friends and split up the gas cost!

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