As we see gas prices start increase locally and nationally, the prospect of driving becomes less and less attractive.

The thought of spending over $3 for a gallon of gas is a terrifying proposition. There are ways to save on gas as you prepare for summer road trips and vacations.

The first suggested tip is to shop around. There is a possibility of different gas stations across from each other having two different prices. The more nickels and dimes you save on gas can add up to hundreds of dollars in the ends. Sometimes the difference in price could be as high as $1 right across town.

The faster you drive the more gas you use, so slow down. According to AAA every 5 mph over 50 you travel is like paying an additional 18-cents per gallon.

Carpooling is your friend. Sharing rides will keep your wallet from drying up as you are splitting funds between friends. Consider using public transportation as well.

Your trunk is the enemy. Using your trunk for long term storage can weigh your car down, this will cause you to use more gas because of the weight of your car.

Plan out your errands. Combine as many trips as you can into one. If there is a central location in a shopping center, park there and walk to every store. Places with multiple shoppes in one area are your friends.

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