It's 2019, how has this not been a thing yet!

You know how you go down the road and you hit EVERY light and it seems like no one else is one the road so, how on earth are these not synced up? Especially when you're on a major road?

Amherst, Tonawanda and the City of Lackawanna.are the three in WNY that will change the game. This will cost Amherst about $1,000,000 up front and about $750,000

The town will install a product known as Miovison, which will use adaptive artificial intelligence to allow traffic signals to communicate with each other to control traffic volumes.

The technology will be added to 65 intersections within town limits.

"It uses pole mounted cameras, they use a 360-degree, fish-eye lens," Town of Amherst Supervisor Kulpa said.

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