Well, it’s March, and that means we’re deep in the process of planning LUMA 2018. While I can’t say too much about what this year’s festival will look like yet, I can say that the videos from last year continue to be released, highlighting how far the festival has come.

Around this time last year, we sat down to do a little research. In 2017, we wanted to find the very best projection mappers in the world and see if we could bring them to Binghamton to put on a show. My top choice was Maxin10sity, a Hungarian animation company with years of experience using the technology to truly wow audiences. A few days later, we were on the phone with Budapest talking ideas.

They proposed a fairy tale based piece that would be specifically suited to the library on which we wanted to project. Still, we couldn’t predict how beautiful the final piece would be.

Check out our debut of the video below…

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