Dogs are a man's best friend, but why is that? Bustle has done some of the research, and it turns out that it may be genetic! Both humans and dogs share an underlying genetic basis for being friendly, which is one of the reasons we as humans love dogs so much.

A study came out this month with evidence that dogs had genes called GTF2I and GTF2IRD1 which they associate with a dog's tendency to be sociable. What's more, is that those two genes in humans are connected to a mental disorder called Williams-Beuren syndrome which leads to being incredibly outgoing and taking "extreme interest in other people". What does that sound like?

Dogs and humans have a bond that could very well be unbreakable. Scientists believe that these genes and their mutations could be the reason dogs were even domesticated in the first place. Whatever the reason for it, I'm just glad that we have our furry friends around.

(via Bustle)

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