This is one of those honest questions that we don't like to talk about. And, knowing the truth probably stinks a little too...pun intended.

Do you spend more time working out at the gym or on the toilet? We hate to think about it, and certainly don't care to tell others what the answer is. But, the truth is most of us already know the answer.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, because even though it is not something we like to talk about, we all do it.

According to the Daily Mail, the average person spends three hours and nine minutes on the toilet every week.  That's an average of 27 minutes a day.  But even if that sounds high to you, it's not like this battle is close.

"Because we only spend about HALF that time exercising in a week . . . 90 minutes total, or an average of about 13 minutes a day."

I am not comfortable telling you how much time I spend on the toilet, but I can tell you that I spend 60 minutes a day at the gym. As Hulk Hogan used to say in the 1980's, "You don't get like this waiting for the bus!"

[via: Daily Mail]

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