I have been talking about having a shovel buddy for years. I just never knew there was actually a name for it. If you are like me then you need one too.

It's a simple concept but a very important one. According to Urbandictionary.com, a "shovel buddy" is someone who comes in and disposes of your "interesting" stuff if you die unexpectedly. They clear your place out before anyone else can find it.

But, it's not as easy as it seems. You have to have someone that you can trust. Someone that can dispose of your "stuff" if, God forbid, you die.

Do you have a "shovel buddy"? What "interesting" things do you need to get rid of without anyone knowing?

But, then I was wondering if I die why I would care what people thought of my "interesting" stuff?

Do you think a "shovel buddy" is a good idea?


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