Governor Andrew Cuomo says there will be no national recovery from the coronavirus crisis if state and local governments aren’t funded.

Cuomo says state and local spending is essential to the health of the national economy.

The governor says the states most impacted by COVID-19 represent more than one-third of the national GDP.

He says the coronavirus doesn’t care about political party and states like New York shouldn’t be punished because they vote blue.

The governor says New York pays out more in annual federal taxes than it receives back in funding, meaning the state is entitled to the money anyway.

"We understand that states are responsible for reopening, but at the same time, the federal government has a role to play and must do its part as we work our way through this crisis", Cuomo said.

Cuomo was in Washington, DC today to discuss New York infrastructure projects with President Trump.

Cuomo said his meeting with Trump was productive.


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